Whatever age or stage they may have reached, young people who study under the RAD system can be confident that they are receiving the most comprehensive, well structured and relevant program of classical ballet available. They can be assured that they will be taught according to safe teaching principles and know that regular evaluation through progressively spaced examinations is available to them.

The benefits of RAD are numerous. In preparing for the exams students gain an awareness of their own bodies and the capabilities for movement, expression and sensitivity, as well as a sense of achievement which comes from mastering a goal and moving on to the next challenge. Annual exams are an invaluable yardstick by which the student’s progress is measured. Above all, the syllabus is designed to be enjoyed.

If a student trains under the Royal Academy Dance method and completes all vocational levels they will be rewarded with an Associates degree from Royal Academy of Dance. They will also be trained to audition and receive scholarships for college.