Adorare is a performing arts company. The company’s vision is to use the arts as a form of worship to the Lord, and to use this form of worship as a training tool for students from the age of eleven to their early twenties. Through prayer, instruction, and dedication, Adorare will carry the arts into our community to encourage the growth and enjoyment of dance, music, drama and other art forms.

To stay true to the Vision, Adorare dances to music that ‘glorifies and honors’ our Lord Jesus Christ.

Adorare is made up of a Primary Company and a Secondary Company and has Principal and Apprentice dancers. Adorare performs on a love-offering basis and is a non-profit organization. The company performs at venues such as churches, special events, local festivals, and celebrations with a purpose of bringing ‘glory’ to God.

Adorare performances are only meant to bring attention to the one for which the individuals perform—Jesus.